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          Sustainability in the Curriculum

          10bet体育-Stout offers a number of sustainability opportunities in the classroom.
          In this Section
          Innisfree McKinnon

          Academic Sustainability Liaison

          Dr. Innisfree McKinnon is 10bet体育-Stout's Academic Sustainability Liaison, responsible for helping infuse sustainability into our curriculum. Working with faculty and instructional staff from a number of disciplines, Dr. McKinnon helps to incorporate sustainability into coursework and research, so our students can better learn how to view the world through the lens of sustainability.

          See Dr. McKinnon's Bio >

          Interested in learning more about sustainability in the classroom?

          We offer a number of different sustainability-based curriculum options for you.

          Minor in Sustainability

          We offer an academic minor that provides a sustainability emphasis to most degree programs.

          Sustainability in Our Courses

          We regularly assess our course offerings to track sustainability-focused and sustainability-related classes.

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